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"We are an elite group of individuals, operating discreetly in the background, interconnected across the globe, exerting significant influence worldwide. Our primary objective revolves around providing you with reliable and protected services in the field of professional hacking, available for hire."

- Optimus Hackers

Our Services

We provide you a unique and secure service with a clear mechanism and easy step to get your account back to you. we also provide investigations for a potential threat to you and make your data more secure

email recovery Email monitoring & recovery

Monitor all sent and received mails and even the deleted ones.

phone surveillance Phone Cloning

In a case where you want to know everything going on on a device from your own device, we can clone the other device for you.

gadgets protection Data and gadgets protection

We offer Data and gadgets protection from Hack services from encryptions, protection, recovery and syncing for a wide range of scenarios.

data recovery Data Recovery

Should incase you deleted a files by mistake or lost some data due to bad devices or carelessness, we provide 100% recovery for all files and lost data.

crypto recovery Crypto Recovery

We offer bitcoin and other crypto currencies wallet recovery services for a wide range of scenarios without stress. Over 300 wallets have been recovered by our team.

location tracker Location Tracking

We help you keep tabs on the location of any individual in any part of the world. Through our central GPS, we can tell anyone's location.



"We were able to get all date stolen by the group of hackers with the help of the optimus hackers. They were effective and efficient. Our file was restored and the data were permanently deleted and all loop holes were blocked accordingly."

- Anonymous (United state)


"I was able to get back 90% of 12 Bitcoin lost to a telegram scammer back after I contacted optimus hackers. I was told to relax and give them some necessary information. I was skeptical at first but then I provided and i am grateful today that I did. Good job guys.""

- Anonymous (Ukraine)


"I was accidentally logged out of three of my social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I tried all possible ways to no avail. I even had to contact some fake hackers until I was told by a friend about optimus hackers. I got all accounts back. Thanks for the invite to share my experience."

- Anonymous (Germany)


"This might sound illegal but I got my grades fixed by the help of these guys. It was my first time of seeing it happen. I got excited and introduced a lot of my friends."

- Anonymous(United state)


"The guys here are the real deal. I can't go into details but I got all offenses deleted before it got anywhere dangerous. "

- Anonymous(United state)

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